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Jon Venema

Senior Pastor

Office: 559-733-3966 x 120

I was a sixties radical and discovered the only revolution that could change me from the inside out was Jesus Christ.  Jesus radically changed my life in 1972 and it is Jesus Christ who continues to mold my heart and shape my life as dramatically today as He did years ago. Jesus inspires me every day. Jesus is the true shepherd and real pastor of Grace.  Our desire is to be like Jesus and inspire others to know Him as we do, even as the Bible proclaims Him.

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Tim Allen

Executive Pastor

Office: 559-733-3966 x 121

“In 1980 Jesus Christ came into my life and changed my life completely and brought so many wonderful people into my life to help me to grow in my faith. It has been my passion since that day to do for others what was done for me. My passion is to share the Gospel of Christ and help people to grow in their faith so that they will in turn share their faith with others.”

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Brian Johnson

Pastor of Worship Arts

Office: 559-733-3966 x 119

Worship must be far more than the use of the arts on Sunday morning. As Romans 12:1 states, offering ourselves as living sacrifices for God's purposes is our spiritual act of worship. I do, however, see the worship arts as a crucial gift of God in the process of surrendering all our heart, soul, mind and strength to Him. The arts help us to focus all our senses in the deliberate act of beholding the glory of the Lord. When we do this we will be changed, for as Paul states in 2 Cor. 3:18, "We all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another."

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Cory Ogborn

Director of Missions and Young Adults

Office: 559-733-3966 x 108

"The most difficult time in my life was from the ages of 16-22. I spent those years searching for significance in every facet of my life and completely apart from Jesus. It has always been difficult for people at that stage of life. Apart from Jesus, it was nearly impossible. I would like to see young adults transformed by the love of Christ. I would love to see them fully embrace who God has created them to be and find acceptance in who they are so that they can discover God's will for their life; and, in His will, find freedom and joy to live and serve." Cory Ogborn

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Michael Lopes

Director of Discipleship and Men's Ministry

Office: 559-733-3966 x 117

Michael is a dedicated student of the Word. He loves nothing more than to sit at the feet of the Master and learn about God. He is also a good sport and takes teasing well.

Profile image of Christine DeHaan

Christine DeHaan

Director of Women's Ministry

Office: 559-733-3966 x 115

"My desire is to train and equip the women of Grace Community with God's Word and to encourage them to apply the truth to their daily walk with Christ. It is through that equipping that they become women of service and builders of the body of Christ."

Profile image of Stephen Elliott

Stephen Elliott

Pastor of High School Ministry

Office: 559-733-3966 x 106

God transformed my life during my years in High School and He has given me a passion for this same age group. I was blessed with some incredible Youth Pastors who were instrumental in changing my life and it is my desire to reach out to the High School Students of Grace Community Church with the same love and guidance that was so crucial in my life.

Profile image of Jared Irvine

Jared Irvine

Director of Jr. High Ministry

Office: 559-733-3966 x 107

Jared wants lives to be transformed by the Holy Spirit as the Word is preached and while personal relationships spur on love and good deeds. Jared wants to see the grace of God inspire love, joy, and holiness in his people with the boldness to share the grace they have received with others. Jared wants God's people to love God with all their heart and love their neighbors as themselves.

Profile image of Kathleen Punt

Kathleen Punt

Director of Children's Ministry

Office: 559-733-3966 x 112

"While at Jr. High Winter Camp, I turned my life over to Christ. I prayed that God could use me, an ordinary person, to serve Him. I asked God to use me in some way working with children. He provided me with my heart’s desire and I have been serving in the ministry to children since 1990. I am so thankful God uses ordinary people to do His work here on earth…people like me"

Profile image of Landon Molin

Landon Molin


Office: 559-733-3966 x 104

Landon seeks to disciple and encourage the body of Christ. He has a vision to see the body of Christ become men and women of prayer, to have an expectancy of miracles and mountains being moved. His heart for this comes from Acts 16:16-40. When Paul and Silas were put into prison, they rejoiced and prayed, and because of their great faith, chains were broken, doors were open, and people were saved. There is something to be said about the Christian that lives out the Word of God, denies one-self, and has a fervent prayer life. 

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Brittany Kalmink



Brittany is our newest intern and our acting Nursery Coordinator. Brittany has been a volunteer in Children's Ministry for several years. We are thrilled to see her take this next step in full-time ministry.