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Oct 29, 2017

Earthen Glory # 22

Earthen Glory # 22

Passage: Ephesians 5:21-33

Speaker: Pastor Jon Venema

Series: Earthen Glory

Q & A with Jon & Shelley

1. How does Ephesians 5: 18-30 apply to broken households and blended families?

Love and respect work in any situation. Show it, even when you don't get it in return. God will help you. Doing the right thing produces wholeness of soul, regardless of others.

Family meetings: confessing sin and working it out together. Setting the reset button.

2. How do I handle it when I am disappointed with my spouse and vice versa?

Disappointment happens when my expectations are not communicated. This leads to resentment. It is important to tell the other person what you need.

Have low expectations! 

Encouragements work best

Apologize and correct your pattern

Use please and thank you. Gratitude goes a long way.

3. How do you handle anger in a marriage?

The root of anger is usually an unmet need. Husbands need to share their fears and what makes them angry. It is often triggered by a perceived injury or threat. Wives who shut down in fear need to bravely communicate. "Do you have ears to hear me right now?"

4. How do you handle an extremely irritating habit in your spouse?

Let some things go. Don't focus on the 10-20% negative things about your spouse. Focus on the 80-90% good.