Caring for the family of God

Prayer —

Let us support you in time of need with prayer. We have a team of prayer warriors as well as our staff ready to pray for you. You may indicate your request here. 

Prayer Requests

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Weddings —

Grace Community Church believes that the wedding ceremony is a very sacred time of worship. It is a beautiful Christian ceremony in which a man and a woman invoke the blessings of God in holy wedlock.

Download our wedding brochure here.

Memorial Services —

In times of sorrow your church staff and church family come together to help you with a memorial or a graveside service.

Download our memorial service brochure here.

Counseling —

Our pastoral staff is available. We will connect you with the pastor that seems most appropriate for your circumstance. Call the main office at 559-733-3966 for assistance.


If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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