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Dec 09, 2018

Timely Truths #10

Timely Truths #10

Passage: Luke 1:31

Speaker: Pastor Jon Venema

Series: Timely Truths: Sober Sayings of Jesus

Call him by NAME, call on THE name of Jesus

The name above all names, Jesus. The complete and perfect revelation of God.

1. It is an easy name. The Greek name is Jesus. In Hebrew it is Yeshua. In English it is Joshua. It includes the name of God, Yahweh.

2. It is an esteemed name. I am who I am and I will be who I will be. Yahweh is my strength and Yahweh saves.

3. It is an exclusive name. The son of the most high. It signifies royalty and authority.

4. It is an enduring name. He is the dominant figure of history. Most empires have been built by force. His is built by love. It endures because he has defeated sin and death.

5. It is an empowering name. I can do all things because he gives me the strength.