Foreign Missionaries

 Here you will find the most recent news from our...

foreign missionaries

Central & South America

Darrell & Maureen Graham, Mt. of Olives Children's Village
Uruapan, Mexico
Summer 2019

Julian & Yulexi Pereira, Street Kids
Bogota Colombia

Steve & Evie Bartel, Street Kids
Bogota Colombia

Miguel & Linda Toledo, Christians In Action
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Summer 2019 Newsletter

Caroline Coil, Mountain Ministries

Easton Katayama, Students International
Newsletter, June 2019 UPDATE

 Europe & Middle East

Barry & Ronah Francolino 
World Outreach, Romania

Bob & Sharon Hilts 
OC International. Ukraine & Mongolia
November 2019 Newsletter

Micah & Taryn Wilson
Students International, Nicaragua

Africa & Asia

Christian & Augusta Kallon 
Christians In Action, Liberia
October 2018 Newsletter

Paul & Leela Chandran 
Christians In Action

Korn & Enao See
Christians In Action, Thailand
October 2019 Newsletter

David & Linda Cowie,
Ruel Foundation, South Pacific Islands
August 2019 Newsletter

Jonathan & Cindee Raney
Mission Aviation Fellowship, Indonesia
October 2019 Newsletter

Wilson & Esther Phang Personnel Care Ministry, Southeast Asia

Issa and Daphne Kargbo,
Christians in Action, Sierra Leone, West Africa